I recently started giving my boyfriend blowjobs, and he knows I'm er new at oral sex so he refuses to tell me what I'm doing bad. I just want advice on how to go down a guy. I mean I have made him cum twice in 45 minutes so I can't be terrible?


  1. Do you swallow? If not and you tell him you'll swallow his load then he surely will enjoy it then.

  2. Do you need more practice? Asking for a friend

  3. One can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong without knowing what you’re doing. So best advice to give is with oral it’s not about how long it’s about how quick you can get us off. Leave your mouth slightly open and let the excess saliva dribble down out cock onto our balls don’t use your hands and gag your self a little bit upon it. Go at it like you see in pornos. We want our dicks sucked like your a cock hungry whore not a proper women and you must swallow our cum it’s the hottest thing about cumming in your mouth.

    1. Now I’ll be more then happy to let you know if you do it right lol I’ll be your practice dick any time

    2. I took your advice and saw drastic changes�� I was super shy about it but he came three times in about an hour. My jaw hella hurts but definitely worth it. Thank again stranger


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