The confession of the modern Spartan After 5 weeks of quarantine, my ball sack is starting to feel like a cement bag. I have already ate my entire fridge and worn off my barbell after non stop weightlifting. I am afraid to look in the mirror to see the face of a man ready to fuck till obliteration 3 bitches at the same time and fight 5 gypsies at a local bar. I am afraid to look in the mirror to witness in my eyes the bestiality of a man that has not grown up with classical music and went to good restaurants and see instead the look of a hardened inmate, gorilla rapist motherfucker. I can barely stand my testosterone stench and can barely coprehend a kind and affectionate touch of a woman instead of a hardcore, sinful, disrespectful, and twisted sexual intercourse. I am tired ordering food on UBER and I want to go to restaurants and mingle with waitresses like a 50 year old lame ass father. I want back my freedom, as a state of mind, like a man and a modern eat to fuck and get wasted on whiskey. Fuck COVID and excuse my food references.


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