Mexicans aren't ruining this county pisas are. A pisa doesn't know how the fuck a line in a store works when you tell them they need to wait you get a " nooo... noooo" a pisa lets their offspring with no manners or respect run and scream and wreck shit in the store and just stares. We don't want your poor ass pisa manners here. Take it back to the barrios if you cant adapt to better living. A real Mexican shows respect for the ladder they are trying to climb with the rest of us low class people. Us "gentrified" Mexicans. If I go to your country and act with disrespect and ignorance I'm a "gringo" or a race traitor but you come here and have an anchor baby and you get to shit on the lifestyle of well mannered people. Wait your turn and control your 6 pack of anchor babies. If you wanted the lifestyle of Mexico you should have stayed there. This is American life stop trying to put beans on it. Either you want it or you don't.


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