Highway 101

Your breath catches in your throat as my calloused hand slides up the smooth soft skin of your thigh. You can feel the excitement course through your veins as your body begins to drip with desire. You press your head into the seat as my fingers explore the wet folds of your body slowly teasing your throbbing clit. You moan softly as they penetrate your body making your insides churn. A smile covers your face as you look out the window at the blurred world passing by, drivers not 10 feet away unaware of your desires being fulfilled. Your hands reach up and grip the dark circles of your erect nipples poking through your thin white tank top, opening your drenched thighs wider as your body begs for my fingers to push deeper inside you. The brash exposure of your body drives the excitement further, your hips roll to the rhythmic thrusts of my hand. Sweat beads along your exposed skin as the raging inferno deep inside consumes you. Teeth dig into your lips as your body hangs on the edge. You pull hard on your swollen nipples feeling the pain mix with the orgasmic bliss deep inside your soul. Your body shakes as you are overwhelmed with the explosion deep inside you, sounds you never thought were possible escape from your throat.


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