I have absolutely no significance to anyone to be in their life other then the payments made by for them to do something and they would rather not have me do so with them. I would honestly rather simply transfer my direct deposit payments over to someones account and go out to a remote area killed and buried so no one ever is notified of my being gone. And they could simply collect the payments from my disability from the VA and not have to continue hopelessly wishing for my entire life wanting for someone to actually have any interest in me and care in any fucking way about having had been involved in their life at some point. Instead I am the person who is easily forgotten to have even been and only wanted to be used in order to obtain something from at my expense. I am tired of caring about anyone or anything in this fucking world. I hope for at some point the women realize that shitting all over the people who would have done everything for them and loved them completely body and soul and the so called friends who steal from and only invite out to stick with the bill realize when the ones who cared more deeply about everything are dead and gone just how big of a cunt they were. And think back to how much bs they put them through knowing how much they valued you. Wishing for a Shotgun to style my hair with


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