I have herpes. I don't know how to talk about it so I've stayed clear of any/everybody... But honestly, I'm tired of the stigma behind it. And I'm tired of being scared to open to up someone.


  1. How sad. You're right. There is a stigma behind it. But it's up to you to change that. First you need to accept it. Obviously you know that this is something you will forever live with, but it is completely manageable and doesn't have to control your life. As long as you're being responsible, taking medications, always practicing safe sex, etc. You run a minimal risk of ever even passing it. You just need to be open. This is real, this is your life. It doesnt have to define you. You are not your disease. You're a Worthy person, and anybody that truly matters will see that.

  2. Damaged goods, nobody wants that.


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