Today at about 5:15 I was at the gas station in Kelseyvile by the Lyndel sports bar place right there on the corner. I saw a man in a white ford flex SCREAMING at this poor women in a ford fusion. He had a young child with him who didn't even look to be 2 yet. I assume the lady was his child's mother because it looked like she was there to pick the kid up. He was calling her all kinds of horrible names, and I mean REALLY horrible IN FRONT OF HIS YOUNG CHILD. I stood close by because based on his body language it looked like he was about to get violent and hurt her. To the young lady: I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I did call the cops and gave the mans liscence plate number and told them what direction he left in because I was scared for your safety. I hope to god this guy is nothing more than your baby's father because with the way he was talking you, that's how abusive relationships start. I hope to god you are already out of that relationship because that was HORRIBLE to witness!!!!


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