Lake co

Mary Quinn is a fucking joke of a rescuer. She pulls dogs from one bad situation and puts them in another. Sure some of the dogs have nice sheds to stay decently warm in but she does zero rehabilitation with them. Just locks them in a cage smaller than a single wide trailer bedroom and gives them food and water. Yes the dogs were severely abused before BUT kenneling a dog like that is equal abuse. She was overwhelmed and the kennels were in bad shape before I can't imagine what they look like now with her having cancer. For fucks sake how long did your horse stand knee deep in urine and feces soaked mud until she died? Then you cried about it when you caused her ailments. I get it she's trying to help but she doesn't know when to say "I'm overwhelmed I need help" please Mary let the dogs go to a REAL rescue where they can be rehabilitated by properly trained staff with the time and tools to do so. There are too many in California to count. Get over your ego and genuinely think would you want to live like the dogs you have? That's not living. That's isolated prison and you can see their anger. Those Are Goods Dogs With A Bad Past and You're the one keeping them from reaching some semblance of normality. You're a batty bleeding heart but I'm done seeing these dogs go feral. Eventually ones gonna get out and attack someone and I know for a fact that you don't have the insurance for that. Expect an animal advocate to pay you a visit real soon ;)


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