lake Co.

BE AWARE OF TIM FEIGHNER/ROWBOHM!! This guy claims to be a snake catcher/remover, licensed contractor, tree trimmer, brush remover, fire hazard remover, flooring specialist, professional home remodeler, and an RV technician. and so on and so on. he is none of these things at all! he is a scam artist and a thief!! he will steel anything he can get his hands on and more! he especially has a thing for taking advantage of and stealing from the elderly and disabled people. and is very well known for forging checks, pink slips to vehicles, and or documents to benefit himself financially. and will go to any length to rob and steal medical marijuana plants and or medication. his real name is ( Tim Feighner) but has changed his name on face book to (Tim Rowbohm) or (Timothy Rowbohm) because so many people have posted about his wrong doings to them around lake county. he tries to hide his true identity by changing his names on face book. be aware he is a snake. and has no hard feelings what so ever about wronging other people no matter how badly it affects them as long as it benefits himself. .


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