I texted someone "we need to hookup" and threatened to upload a video of us having sex (that i didn't have) unless we "hooked up" so im not innocent , but seriously after trump admitted to sexual assault and became president I thought it was not illegal to lie in a text - so be careful with your texting behaviour - if you need help seek therapy , take a deep breath and reflect on how great your freedom is , I spent 5 months in jail missing my pets and family - its not worth it of course - keep your self in check , I got 2 years of probation left (3 total) and its basically forced therapy - so if you can accomplish therapy on your own terms your "winning" - blessings to you all - if I can be of any assistance email me at - and my apologies to all of society in general - we need to keep eachother safe - Im working on being a better person and never have hurt anyone in my life and no criminal record before this case when I was 38. Be safe and dont go to jail ! instead improve yourself from the inside out . Always here for you at the email above - really I want to be a part of a better future for all the people I can help.


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