Lower lake

I get that Anns page has grown and she needs help because she can't be on Facebook 24 / 7 but Anns page used to be a place where you could joke vent and speak you're mind. Mutes were handed out after a reasonable warning. Now this menopausal goat is just sucking the fun out of everything. I hope that Ann can see what a negative impact this stick in the mud is having on her page. I've been in that group for YEARS and it's gone through alot but jody has got to be the worst that's happened to it. She's made it clear that if your opinion differs shes booting you or muting you. We are all different and to silence opinions that you don't see eye to eye with is just dumb. Jody, you are a massive shitty diaper hanging over the group. It's clear that many of us have this opinion. You saw the nor cal posts and acted as expected . Life's not a dick don't take it so hard.


  1. Hey angry lady how about a bj? You sound pretty stressed, might help.

  2. Ahh another voice of reason . . thank you! <3

  3. I'm 23 single text me 7074019780

  4. Hey bitch "jody" don't participate or flag or fedbook or give a fuck so fuck what you heard!

  5. Lol I remember a while ago my dick was the main talk for like 3 days...


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