Lake port

Shout out to jody for being a cry baby and posting screenshots. Now we all know where to go to talk shit about her XD. Fucking hate that broad. I'm about to screenshot all her "mutes" temper tantrums, and bans and post to agw. Lol if I had a dollar for every time she's assumed someone is directing a comment at her, gets butt hurt and bans I'd be happy. Def killing the fun of the grouo. Not worth her horribly spelled posts.


  1. Your a pussy ass bitch. Hiding behind some anonymous shit to voice your opinion. Jody says what she has to say to anyone without hiding behind some fake shit. Keep hiding like the scared little idiot you are. Hate on someone who speaks their mind while u hide to speak yours...thats kinda ironic.

    1. Sure. She speaks her mind but if you speak yours she gets more butthurt than a new celly on their first night in jail. XD I would speak my opinion on ANNS page but jody would just cry and delete me.

  2. Replies
    1. Who is this cry baby!!! What have I missed!!!

  3. FYI Jody also has a fake FB page . . so she can spy on ya'all . . keep hiding behind Ann bitch! eventually she will turn you out too.


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