Lake county

Jo dy bal dwin is ruining anns scanner page. I don't care who she's married to. She's a whiney post muting baby. It's not lcagw anymore. You can't post anything that might offend the whiney old crusty cooch or she's gonna mute you XD let's also add that in the age of auto correct her posts have more spelling mistakes than a 2nd graders home work. Quit being a baby jody we all hate you lmao


  1. That page started going to shit as soon as Jody was given the crown, reason I left and I'm so glad I did. Life is much better without their negativity.

  2. How come that bitch Jody at lcsagw doesn't come here and talk her smack? Cuz Ann's group is the only place she's safe that's why cuz she can't mute and ban your ass here. Talk about a pussy bitch that hides lmfao

  3. Jody definitely makes Ann's page less enjoyable. Her ego and control issues are out of control. I think that having the hammer on a FB group is probably the best chance she's ever had to feel important. Sad if you think about it


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