Lake county

Lol jody I'm not muted. I've been watching the shit show that you're Making of Anns group. I know better than to comment because I love Anns page. And I try and scroll past your bullshit. you want to talk about hiding that's why you're the one muting posts XD that's pussy shit.


  1. Wow guys, what's going on here??
    Doesn't the scanner page have an anonymous type posting thingy too?
    We appreciate the traffic but don't wanna make waves with nobody.. who's joey Baldwin anyways?

  2. Worried about waves? But you run an anon page? Am I missing something here? Come on now, don't be afraid of the old bittys like everyone else is.

  3. I'm not the Anonymous one, assuming that misses the entire point of this pages existence, which is where the users are Anonymous. Not me. Lol

  4. Watch out. Never know if Ann runs this page too. Ive posted about the group and her cronies before and the post either is deleted after a short time or not posted at all. Pretty suspicious . Afrqid of waves? Learn to swim with the big fish .

  5. Afraid of waves? No, avoid them. We have zero reason to have any conflict with anyone ever, online or off. And Ann doesn't run this "page" either. We delete things by request, always have. The algorithm and scripts we have in place auto post so u til they're moderated, commented on, or we're messaged about something specific, we're not always aware of the content. This "page" exists outside of Facebook, which is only a tiny fraction of NorCalAnonymous as a whole. Thank you for your feedback


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