Berkeley Marina

30 Male 5’9” 165 Muscular Caucasian/white Single Temporarily homeless Looking For: Hoping to find a solid female with understanding and a very open mind to the ways of the world. I want to find my ride or die, my future BM, my partner in crime, my friend, my family and the woman I can share my crazy life with, without being judged or held up with illogical standards. I’m no stranger to pain and struggle and have been humbled by a life that most would fail to endure. I have nothing to hide from the world and don’t owe anyone a damn thing. I ride through these Bay Area streets day and night with only one other. She is a black TS woman with the biggest heart I’ve ever encountered, more balls than most men I’ve ever known and one of the realest individuals that has ever came into my life. I trust her with everything, including my own life. She is far more than a friend to me, she is family. I would kill and die for her and I have no questions that she would do the same for me. As much as she would love for me to be all hers, she understands and accepts that I am straight and desire a child/children in the near future and female companionship. Understand, she has a place in my heart and will never be cast out of my life for anyone. She has endured the struggle with me and has lived and felt my pain. There is no replacement for that. I am 100% secure with my sexuality and frankly, don’t have time nor give a fuck about the negative attention or judgements from the world around us. We stay in our own lane, stay true, remain down for one another no matter the situation and aren’t scared to do what we must to make shit happen. Hustlas to the core striving to make a better way in life. I need to find a female to complete this “trifecta” so to speak. I need a woman that is confident and secure with herself that can accept and embrace this lifestyle, because girl, we about it, bout it.


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