I jerk off at work a few times a week.  I also look at porn on the computer.  Recently, my boss stated he wanted to put a camera on the wall above my station, but not facing my station.  He says he simply wants it there, because it would be facing the clock-in computer.  I have a feeling they're on to me.  I think I once forgot to flush my jizz down the toilet.  Pretty sure they were left floating there.  Someone probably told the boss.


  1. Don't mean to worry you, but FYI, Account holders can request history logs from their internet service providers... You should be safe unless they actually investigate further into the porn on their internet history; and specifying which computer is a breeze for them.

  2. Why you gotta worry a mutha fucka?!

  3. I don't advocate masterbation at work, but at least use tor


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