Berkeley steamworks

I let’s a stranger rape me. I left the door opened to my room while laid on my stomach pertaining to be asleep which I did fall asleep. I was wearing only fishnet pantyhose and a teddy when. I was awoken by a hand in the back of my legs to my ass and in between my thigh. When I didn’t protest but raised my ass instead he tore my pantyhose off me Then I saw a big fat black cock the size of a 3 D cell mag light inches from my face and made to suck it. He then got me on all fours and fuck so hard that I was screaming from it. When he finished he just left without a word.


  1. I'm jealous. I'm laying here face down in a sundress but no huge cock to be forced to serve ��

    1. You female I'll give it to u

    2. Does it matter if I'm face down and willing to take it all?


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