Ok buckle up its story time. So a few weeks ago I went out with this guy that seemed super nice(lmfao) and normal works three jobs, has a decent car so essentially a guy i don't have to take care of for once. we hooked up and it was a good time. The next week we hung out again and hooked up again and dude told me he loved me (second time we've met and had sex) he started putting off major stalker vibes after this. Wanted all my social media passwords, email, to know who I was with and where at all times. So long story short he made plans for us for the following weekend. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea and that I just wanted to not be involved and work on myself. Dude then flips out threatens to kill himself and then tells me I OWE HIM for canceling because he took time off work for me and made dinner reservations and got a hotel room. So here he is demanding 500.00 and claims that he will be calling the police if I don't pay. I'm dying at this point but also freaked out. So tell me what should I do with this mess?


  1. Having a stalker can be fascinating, entertaining, educational, and of course very scary. I just got an email from my stalker of two years and it's so unbelievable to read the words and to think that this Shit is directed at me.

    I don't know what to tell you as far as advice goes. My stalker was my son's tutor. He's a gay guy who developed a very unhealthy infatuation with me. I never led him on in any way, was very direct saying that the thought of a guy touching me like I touch a woman grosses me out. He'd say he respected my sexuality, but than he said he'd gotten a bottle of viagra should I "want him to Fuck" me. He told me he wanted to suck the Shit out of my ads, and had put some of his Shit on a plastic spoon in my car.

    I actually accepted 1,000's of dollars over the last two years. Maybe between $30-40K which was probably not the best idea and I would NOT advise you do that but I had to do what I had to as a single parent, well, at least that's what I thought.

    He offered me $10K to move in with him. I told him I didn't want a roommate and he flipped out on me.

    I got away from my stalker, that's why I'm living down here now, but he still emails me all the time with psychopathic proclamations of his love.

    The best advice I could give is Do not respond to emails and phone calls, ad if you can hep it don't accept any money. You don't want the guy to think he's made a financial investment out of love for you trust me. Especially since yours already thinks you owe him.

    Btw, you or this in dating. Since we already have so much in common do you want to hang out?

  2. I'd say screw paying him he deserved it to be cancelled because he was a creep lol I'm sorry to hit on you on your post but I'm 23 like to chat me email

  3. Tell that bitchass loser to go fuck himself. Don't pay him anything. And, if he continues to harass you, put a restraining order on him.

    1. I know exactly what your problem is.
      You arfe going after babies.

      Get hooked up with a real Older man who knows how to treat a woman and doesn't need to make an ass of himself, like the men you need to be around.
      When you get serious, this 52 year old guy, who happens to make well into the 6 figure income might come to your rescue!


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