Lake county

Not exactly a confession..for your enjoyment....
you remove your shirt and lay face down on your bed, ready for a massage.  i begin kneading your shoulders and back with my hands, down to your tailbone suddenly feel my hard nipples playing on your ass.  slowly i begin working my way up your back using my tits to knead your back, my hard nipples pressing into your skin,  i use them all over your back sowly moving upward nipples hard as stone.  i reach your neck rubbing them over your head ad then using my nipple as i would my tongue i begin sliding my hard nipple along the outside of your ear, spiraling slowly towards it's center which i tease with the tip of my nipple, slowly begin spiraling outward touching it along every inch of your ear...i work my way back over your head to your neck, slide them down, one along each arm as far apart as they will go, i let go of them and they slide together.  i roll you over and remove your pants, then grab my tits again and begin rubbing them all over your chest and face, letting you suck on them nibble and even bite them a little.  i pull them out of your mouth and drag them slowly towards your pelvis, where i slide them up under your balls lifting them and your balls to my mouth, i gently suck them inside my mouth playing my tits over you wherever they reach.   i release your balls and begin stroking your dick with my tits teasing the tip with my mouth and tongue...i suddenly take a very deep breath, drop my tits,  your hands grab them, squeezing pinching twististing clenching them  as i take your dick all the way into my throat sucking constantly all the way,  when your tip is as far as it will go i begin swallowing slowly at 1st and then as fast as i can for as long as my breath holds out...let you slide out, take another deep breath and do it again...


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