Lake county

Here's another for your enjoyment, I slide my hand between your legs and begin stroking you until you start to harden. I slide off the couch onto my knees, still stroking with one hand, with the other I grab my ice water and take a few swallows keeping a few cubes in my mouth, crushing them. your hands release my breasts from the confines of my bra and begin playing with them flicking my nipples and gently pinching them. I put down my water and lean towards you and before the ice can melt in my mouth I put my lips to the tip of your dick and slowly open it, letting the ice cold slurry wash over you. your hands clamp down tightly on my breasts at the feel of the coldness. I slowly begin to move my mouth up and down along your hard shaft, taking you deeper into my mouth each time. pulling back, sucking the tip. I feel the pressure building inside, the throbbing of your dick increasing. suddenly your hands release my breasts but quickly they grab them again, holding them differently, your fingers up against my chest at the base of my breasts holding them tight. I start to pull my mouth back off your dick when your hands fall to the sides of your thighs onto the couch pulling me forward thrusting your dick deeper into my mouth. once again I try to pull back a little once again using my breasts like a leash you tug me forward so that the tip of your dick tickles my tonsils. then as your hands tightly clench my breasts and pull them down further against the couch, your hips slowly rise shoving your dick deeper down my throat, your hands relax, your hips fall back to couch. then again, over and over, using my tits and the couch like Leverage... your hands clench and your hips thrust upward, and your dick slides down my throat. the throbbing of your dick increases , as it does, so does the force and speed of your thrusting hips, shoving your dick deeper down my throat. until finally the thrust of your hips matches the throbbing of your dick. you keep thrusting your hips upward trying to get your dick even deeper into my throat, until finally your body spasms and you pull me down hard so my lips are against your pelvis ,at the same time thrusting harder. your cum squirts down my throat thrusting a little bit with each throbbing spurt, my throat muscles working quickly 2 swallow to keep from choking till finally your hands relax your body falls back on the couch and your dick slowly slips out of my mouth ...


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