Twentz sicc
C tu do Lake

Nigga, we be grindin', hustlin, while yu white trash, hill billy, incest lovin', cousin fuckers, trailer trash, faggots sit on yo ass collecting welfare and social security. Your scooter wal-mart ridin' ass. My record for tippin' fat white women off of scooters is 3. Next target is Wal-mart in Ukiah nigga lol


  1. Lacking spelling ability: check
    assaulting women/ disabled: check
    stereotyping (oh the irony in this one): check
    yeap pretty sure you're just another punk ass bitch anon on this page who thinks he's gangster. I really hope the next "fat white women" you tip off her scooter lands you getting decked by her husband.

  2. Yaaaawn , boring , that rant bored me so much I will take a nap now

  3. U def arint really black cause a black dude would never bully a fat white bitch he would have sex with her , I call bullshit on u claiming to be black


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