*old school repost*


Actually met women who bragged about using methamphetamines while they were pregnant. What is wrong with people? When did children become commodities that you could cause such harm to? Why are there so many weak and pathetically selfish parent's who have to risk so much, for what? What does this crap really give you? Why are you so special and that child not? You disgust me! All crack, meth, crank, vicodin, and what ever other mind altering drugs that abusers do. You are all weak and gave up way to damn easy!! Life is hard for everyone and we all hate life for the most part, but it's the little moments of joy that make the hell worth it. It's not always immediate or frequent and could be very far between but that just makes it that much more amazing when you get to those moments. Something you'll never achieve using drugs like that.


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