Thank you to gentleman in Lakeport today for your kind words. Yes being a single mom is difficult, but for me not in the exact way as most. I am one of the lucky ones, my son's father and I co-parent our son. We even do activities together, with and with out our significant others involvement. But I do have difficulties that I am sure his father does as well.  I have the emotional difficulties to deal with of a child that is truly loved and adored by both his parents. A young man growing up wanting to please both parents and both parents wanting what is best for him. Yes we both push him to do his best and try his hardest, and we know what he is capable of, and sometimes may push a little harder. It is difficult seeing your young child cry after trying his hardest at something, yet feeling like he has failed his father.  So yes I thank you for your words of encouragement and kindness, I am trying to raise a gentleman. A boy that will grow into a respectable, loving, kind man someday.


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