Old enough

I have been watching the Lazy animal control officer often sit on her ass at a duplex while getting paid by us. Alot of the city employees  get paid for doing nothing. Code enforcement is one of them. Some of you try driving down 40th avenue look on the left the corner house,40th and Cedar they have a animal/ animals locked in the garage with the door open about 6 inches. Yesterday was 102 degrees how hot do you think it was in that garage? I also noticed about 200ft from the hoyse is a dead pit bull. Could be hit by a car or who knows died from heat?🤔🤔You can see the fencing going across the inside doorway. They hose it out daily. But this lazy b##ch has done nothing for a week about this after 2 calls. One day this city will be in for a huge surprise when all the dirty stuff comes out on the crap they Sit and Watch happen thats illegal. Rant done for now. Tyvm


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