I feel old
In Hell

You're so annoying. Always making excuses for your kids. You're never going to get your dogs fixed or their shots but always say you will, but keep getting animals and make them mean. And they never shut the hell up. YOU never SHUT up about work and the old people you deal with. No one cares. You're not supposed to talk about them anyway. Find a new subject! You're going to do this. You're going to do that with your life. You're not doing anything. You will always live letting your mom boss you around like you are a kid. Then complain about her then do anything she wants. And you are not an expert in the medical field so just stop. This is why you don't have friends and no dude will date you cause you live in a house that legally should be condemned .... I could go on but damn that felt good. And your car is stupid and ugly.


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