I'm waiting patiently to be rid of you.  I got myself into this situation and I'll get myself out. You weasled your way in deep that I can't just kick you out now. I let my gaurd down and look where that got me. It's all piled up on me and I have to dig my way out, but I'll make it. You want us to stay together for your own selfish freeloading ways and not for true love. I can't take it anymore, I'm done with you and can't wait to find my house to leave you for good. The thing is, is you act surprised every time I tell you what I'm doing. Wtf? How is this a mystery? How do you not know that this is happening when I tell you every day? Dude, it's happening, the end is coming and I can't wait for my new beginning. Sorry for your luck dude, but this is your own consequences.


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