Lake County

I caught my boyfriend that I'm leaving, his new girlfriend and someone else in my house that is not allowed in my house. They were there because they thought I was at work but I took the day off. I was so livid that the girl and the guy was at my house I bashed in the windshield of the car of the guy. (Mind you the guy is the sperm donor of my youngest child and had never been a part of my child's life plus I can't get child support because dude don't work) I'm so irate that he had the audacity to come to my house behind my back that i went crazy. Now his girlfriend (the owner of the car) wants me to pay for the windshield. Well, she won't talk to me personally and her man owes me child support and he put her car in dangers way. What do you think? Should i pay? Or should i let it ride?


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