"B****** A**** (cuhna) is a pregnant meth head. Tried to help her get clean, tried to help her with her ""depression"" to only realise that it's an attention act. Every time she dosent get her way throws fits and threatens to kill herself in front of her young son noah...i have months worth of messages of where her husband (that she cheats on) threw her meth away and she wanted to die before trying to quit. It's all for attention after the 10th time in a month of her going to kill herself I gave up on it all. She lies and steals and plays victim. I'm very concerned for her child and have no idea what to do. Cps will do nothing not even with everyone's messages from her begging for prescriptions or meth. "


  1. I might know who this person is ����... stalker methods homely ass girl... that likes to beg for peoples strips... cause she's coming down from meth.. ���� bout to loose her house an she thinks she doing good in this world I guess that's what meth does ��������


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