The Lake

this newfound selflessness i must dismiss cuz with each kiss i reminisce and start to miss like its lost and gone forever
knowing never did i stand a chance to romance the one i fell in love with at first glance.. my dreams were never pursued knowing id lose you but i really trusted that you were the exception.
an exception to the rule perhaps i relapsed and realize no matter how hard i tried my heart died and maybe i lied to myself accepting the cards being dealt when i actually felt this was too good to be true..but with you.. it was different.
i accepted the concept of trust resurrected and failure undetected as i uncontrollably gave you me as you wished and pleaded only to find out im not what you needed and this i knew so i never permitted anything more than you could handle; committed.
and i sat on the sidelines doing what you needed..wishing & dreaming only deceiving. ..myself


  1. Love it. AMAZINGLY good

  2. Thank you, maybe I will share more. Some have been published


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