old enough
Lake County

Found out that my friends ex is messing around with her roomates boyfriend (also a friend of mine) behind her back. As soon as she leaves for work they are all over each other. The roomates name is Jelisa Brown..can someone tag her in this post because I dont want to get involved? Maybe she already knows but the neighbors have seen them kissing on the porch n them holding each other right after she leaves for her shift at T** P*** Casino. Litterly two days ago they were holding each other kissing each others neck n rubbing on each other on the porch. Sorry Jelisa but I consider u a friend n figured you should know...my friend says go talk to the older neighbors if you need answers. Its been going on for about a month. Neighbors said it never happens when you are home and if this is what they are doing outside, I can only imagine what goes on inside when its just them too home..sorry hun


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