To the 30 year old gal who wants to take her exes fire arm and go to the woods and blow her head off.  I feel like that every day, there's only one problem. My kids would miss me that's why I don't do it.  I'm struggling through something that I don't quite like to admit, but it's self-inflicted and if I don't fucking straighten up I'm gonna lose everything dear to me. At that point maybe my thoughts will become a reality. I hope they don't, and I will fight tooth and nail to change  so that I do not have to put my kids through such a horrible thing as their father suicide. Because if I do it it won't be out in the woods, they will be spread all over the bedroom wall most likely. Get some help talk to somebody,  stop feeling sorry for yourself because someone out there loves you, someone out there will care and it's not fair to put them through that shit.


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