Doesn't Matter

I've noticed in a lot of natives, their young children are very unhealthy and overweight. Super chunk faces and muffin tops. Why is this? Is it the subsidized food that's fatty and unhealthy? Do they get nutritional counseling in their school? I don't know because I wasn't raised on the res. Being native myself I know genetically we are a little more prone to weight gain, but because of that my grandma always made me eat super healthy, and I had to walk every day and do stuff. But these kids are out of control? And then I see the parents come in with them to Kmart and buy like 30 pizzas and the kids chow down. Is this a regular thing? I just think it's sad and a waste of the free resources offered.... these kids need to get in shape now so they can be productive later cause they are less than ten years old and look like they are out of breath. And it's not just one instance or I wouldn't say anything. It's ALOT. And I see it in Lake County,  more often in natives that any other demographic....


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