Lake County

To all you that like to talk shit about the homeless in lake county. Just because they where not born with a silver spoon in their mouth  like most of  you,that  doesn't give you the right to bash the less fortunate. The day I see anyone fucking with any homeless person in lake county,will be the day  you catch the worst beating of  your life. It won't stop there. I will slap the shit out of  you like the bitch that you are. I will have you crying for your Mommy to come and help you. How would you like to be tied to a pole on main Street for everyone to see what a little bitch you are. I dare you to lay a hand or disrespect a homeless person. I wish you would.


  1. I love how you announce your gonna do all those things to anyone disrespecting any homeless. Take your bleeding heart bullshit and stick it up your ass. You sit in your home and pass judgement on anyone who has a problem with it? These fuckers aggressively pan handle to the point my spouse wants to brandish a handgun because they have scared her and my kids. Or the fact that they daily steal from business who actually work for a living. You won't catch me out disrespecting the homeless but you and your opinion can eat another fat dick. When it comes to the safety of my children, spouse or anyone esle I will disrespect you, your mom, your whole family and definitely some homeless fucker.


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