Too old for you

You are correct in saying there was an instant connection the moment I touched you.  That look in my eye when our lips touched, was total fear.  You are absolutely gorgeous and sweet! I admire your spirit and love watching you interact with your son.  You are an awesome mom and I see the hurt and sacrifice you make for his well being.  Let me back up, the fear I had, that I have, is that I could totally see myself falling for you, and falling hard and fast.  You are everything I have been searching for my entire life.  You listen and are understanding, non-judgemental, and so wise for your young years.  I am an old has been. Do not get me wrong, I definitely look forward to this summer and all our camping trips.  Major advantage of running in the same crowd.  Who knows, maybe I am wrong and you are right.  I am a smart enough man to admit when I am wrong.


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