Ashley Jeffers and Heather hambone Hunter got their ass handed to them,  but they're all over Facebook trying to say they got jumped,  when in reality they were trying to jump somebody else and everybody that was supposedly trying to jump them was trying to split them up because the cops were coming but Ashley how does that cactus feel?  You were talking hellish shit to that girl but she still worked your ass, we seen everything  and the only time you have balls to try and run up on anybody's want to man was standing between you and that girl you were talking big shit while she was inside the bar when she came outside you kept your mouth shut didn't you . Poor little basic bitches maybe Heather can teach you to be a Hoe like she used to be  in Oakland damn shame she had all those pants couldn't keep your money for herself and that's why she broke as fuck bum ass bitches is what you both are allowing your friend to be so plastered that she's puking and you guys are making fun of her the whole time what kind of friends are you please just swallow don't ever get pregnant


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