"I'm sorry but needing to vent....
I have always been the type that likes to experiment sexually. I am attracted to personality not gender. Although I enjoy sex and experimenting, I am very selective as to who I play with. Even when drinking, I'm consciously aware of my actions and behavior, as to not lead the wrong person on or give false hope. ....Soooo a friend and I were out drinking awhile back having a great time, or so I thought, both of us flirting and being friendly with others.  She was interested in a guy and decided to do her thing and take him home with her. Cool have at it! Get it girl! I continued to drink and hang out and called another friend for a ride home later... Well a group of us were going out again this past weekend and as we are getting ready my ""friend"" has the nerve to tell me that she hopes my ""behavior is much better than last time we went out and not to be a cock tease!"" SERIOUSLY?!?! I flirted with 1 guy the night we went out and after my friend left with the other guy, his friend, he and I continued the night dancing and flirting! If an offer or advance would have been made who knows where things would have went but there was not..... I am very irritated and slightly hurt by my friends comment but don't want to make a big deal about it. In the same hand I don't feel the same comfort level with her. Any advise out there?"


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