This is for sarah scotton you psychotic fucken sociopath im not done with u . ill give u a weapon same as mine u choose. A location that i know private , no cops. Pay up, your mouth wrote a check your ass cant cash and im NEVER forgetting .people like you run your fithly fucking, dick sucking ,snaggle toothed ass and never have to square up well you dumb whore im the bitch you should of never fucked with me. Jail? Death? Bitch i am going to destroy you...just watch... P.s. your husband has a ant eater tongue dick i could clean my mother fucking ears with it. Lmfao u both make me want to wretch So yea im still here and there....and NOW OR WHENEVER whenever your done running your sloppy mouth lets make a date and squash this im a woman not a 15/year old chick i am not fighting thru text . lmao your lame . get your fat ass up and lets do this. Im excited in anticipation. I love to dance puta now you fucked with the wrong bitch. Bunches of hugs xox now  you know who don't play stupid.


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