White Trash Shit Hole

"Listen you dumb bitch (room mate) . Your baby daddy has been trying to get in my pants since we moved in here. Thats the only reason he offered this ""2nd room"" to us cuz he thought id suck and fuck when you werent looking. Too bad im not easy his little scheme didnt work and now hes kicking us out unless we pay half your rent. Id be willing to pay if it wasnt a shit hole and i wasnt living in your fucking garage. Lets see how important rent is in the last 5 days you bought. A new 52 inch tv. A new bed all new bderoon furniture. A new snowboard for your crack head bf. A new laptop, phone, and ps4. You booked you hotel and bought your Hawaii tickets for april. But did you fix your fucked up car? Did u do anything constructive with ur taxes? Did you buy your kids anything?? you want us to pay half your rent. Fuck that. How bout your bf go work for once? I know he worked the other day and got paid did he bring that money home? Nooo thats right he was at ""the bar"" until 3 am. All hes good for is sleeping all day making me watch ur kids while he runs off to get another 8 ball and suck on some hookers tits. You guys dont even let us eat your food but its expected that i keep your shit hole house spotless.  Were not paying you a cent that money is going towards a deposit so we can get the fuck out of this shitshow. Open your eyes and realize how selfish you both are.


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