Young at heart
Lower Lake

I love being single but I'm also sick of it. I just want a good friend that's male that will smoke pot with me, flirt with me, appreciate me for the badass woman that I am and choke me when he fucks the life out of me. I am good at what I do and I would always leave him satisfied. I guess I want a boyfriend type without all of the strings attached. But- all I've found is one who thinks he's more intellectual than me and won't let me fuck him the way that I want, one boy toy that's decent in bed but won't be rough enough and is probably catching feelings, and one long distance man that seems perfect but is 100s of miles away. The pickings are slim around here and I am sexually frustrated!!!


  1. Shoot i like to get high and be rode hard by a big titty woman that sound good to you?

  2. Everyone wants to be rode hard...doesnt anyone like to give slow, long strokes and suck big titties and then flip it and pound her out doggy style? Sex is so selfish anymore..


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