Fuck Life

Ive had feelings for my best friend for almost 10 years now. Back in high school she didn't like me so we stayed friends. A year later I got in a relationship and i thought i was over her. Almost 2 years into that relationship I realized I wasnt happy with her and I still had feelings for my best friend. So I was thinking a lot and decided to break up. Well the next day when I was going to tell my best friend about how I feel my brother told me they were together. I pretended I was happy for them but i wasn't. Especially because my brother knew I had feelings for her for a good 3 years but I was friend zoned. He ended up dumping her not long into the relationship. It's been two years since they broke up and she still isn't over him. And im still not over her almost 8 years later. It sucks. I really like her but she never liked me. We still hangout and it's so hard. But even if she does like me i would never do that to my brother. She is everything I want but I will never have her .  I don't know what to do


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