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Thanks Mountain

Ok, as far as the person giving bad reviews on a certain restaurant goes. Perhaps the person is a local and has been a loyal customer since before they changed hands. Perhaps they go there for drinks often or a game of pool, or even to see the local entertainment? Maybe they have kids and the children's menus is an easy prep? Maybe they know the owners and want to give them a chance because they are decent folk? Maybe they have had many cooks come and go and hope there is a new one when they return? Not a lot of choices in terms of fine dinning in that area and maybe it's out of convenience that they frequent the establishment. Perhaps they are afraid of some sort of retaliation regarding their opinion on the cooking? Who the hell knows. I am posting annonimously because I go there everyday! Mainly for drinks. I will say this, I have had two not so great meals there  and the prices are a bit high for the quality of food and I have mentioned it.  Also they do not offer any kind of snacks. No chips, pretzels, popcorn... nothing. I have voiced my opinion about that as well. Be that as it may, the staff is really nice and courteous for the most part. If you are a local it's a cool place to go and be around friends in a good atmosphere, shoot the shit, talk about work and the like. I do think they could kick it up a notch in the cooking department. Other than that it's a nice place.


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