How do you leave a man after 10 years? He is very unsupportive and has no job. Also when I've told him its over, he just won't leave. I can't afford to move to another place. I can't call the police, he says I have nothing to prove to get him out. I can't stand this anymore. I'm so very unhappy. Fuck this shitty relationship. Worst mistake  I have ever made.😡😠😒😒


  1. I was in a similar situation. After 8 years I finally just left everything I had ever worked for gone. Things can be replaced. Make happiness your priority.

  2. you dont leave because you love him. he is going through some rough shit and he would die for you. Give him more time he will come around and be better than ever. Whatever you do don't cheat, you will regret it. besides, nobody could ever compare. Even if you broke it off you would still go back for the sex, but once he leaves he will never go back.


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