Lower Lake

To the stupid aids infested cunt in the white BMW X3 liscence plate #7vxs217 who almost ran me off the road by getting side by side after the ""do not pass"" sign outside of lower lake. Are you fucking retarded??? I had my kids in the car, the roads are fucking wet and for whatever reason you feel you are a special snowflake cause you sucked alot of dicks and got a BMW . Sorry to ruin your ""reality"" but there are other drivers on the road. You are not excluded from the rules of the road. I hit my brights in daytime as a ""hey your going to get people killed"" notice, which I know must have blinded the shit out of you (sarcasm) so you proceeded to slam on your brakes and shake your fist out the window. Bitch why are you so mad. You almost killed me remember? You finally got away from me but it looked like you were headed to st.helena. hope your Dangerous driving gets you killed in a wreck you stupid cunt and I hope you find this post. "


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